Betrayals & Fairytales Amy Eing Author

Betrayals & Fairytales Amy Eing Author
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Alexis Andrews only wanted a life like those she read about in fairytales in her youth. She wanted Prince Charming, a care free life, singing, dancing, and a nice big castle to live in. Her whole life is based on getting this scenario, only she is harboring a secret which will threaten her relationship with her current Prince Charming.Alexis is a very caring, hardworking individual. She has a great job as a regional manager in a successful chain of restaurants. She has a happy nine year old son. But when her Prince Charming, Christian Smith, suddenly arrives home from the army, she must come face to face with her secret.Once her secret is exposed, Christian is irate. Her son is really Christian’s son also. When Christian makes the decision he cannot forgive her, her life shatters. Her fairytale is now destroyed and so is she. Will she ever get that fairytale she’s been after?Through a genuine courtship, her boss Brad Mahonney helps her pick up the pieces in her life and move on. Even though Brad is a loving, caring man, she still isn’t convinced she has a good “fairytale” life, until he tells her what she does have. Will he creates her magical fairytale story – but in a different reality-based truth?