Better Healthy Living Book Two The Nutrient List Ian Keir Author

Better Healthy Living Book Two The Nutrient List Ian Keir Author
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This nutrition reference book covers the gaps that other health books leave out. Contains detailed information on all major nutrients. Lists up to 38 nutrients listed in each food with 12 food groups. Lists over 1300 diseases where a nutrition deficiency may have caused the medical condition. Lists over 2000 drug/nutrient interactions with details of each interaction.Layout of this book. This book has been set out in 4 sections as follows:NutrientsA list of all the major nutrients (vitamins and minerals) has been included. Each nutrient has information on how the body utilises that particular nutrient, food sources which contain that nutrient, the processing losses of the nutrient, the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) for the different age groups, factors (diseases) increasing demand for that nutrient, health problems that can be helped by that nutrient, effects of overdose and toxicity, synergistic nutrients (these are the other nutrients required in order that the nutrient is properly utilized by the body. No nutrient works on its own.), and finally drugs affecting the nutrient and in some case vice versa.FoodThese food lists give a list of nutrients in each food so that you can modify your diet so that you are getting the correct amount of nutrients for Better Healthy Living. The foods are broken into groups for quick location. 1.Beverages, 2. Breads, cereals, grains, grain products, 3. Dairy Products, 4. Deserts and sweets, 5. Fish and seafood, 6. Fruits, 7. Meat and poultry, cooked 8. Meats, variety, 9. Nuts, nut products and seeds, 10. Oils, Fats and shortenings, 11. Soups, canned and diluted, Vegetables A to L, 12. Vegetables M to W, 13. Fast Foods. There are up to 38 nutrients listed in each food.Diseases ListThere is a list of over 1.300 medical conditions with a list of nutrients for each disease where a deficiency of the nutrient may be associated with or have caused the medical condition plus a list of nutrients which may assist in healing that medical condition.List of Drug / Nutrient InteractionsThis is a list of over 2,000 drug / nutrient interactions listed for ease of use in alphabetical drug order with the nutrient interactions following the name of the drug.