Between the Causeways Jeremy Campbell Author

Between the Causeways Jeremy Campbell Author
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Brand: Jeremy Campbell
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A dog can change everything.In this novel inspired by a true story, three strangers set out to save a dog living in the woods beside a curvy, small-town road. Their unlikely partnership leads to major life changes as they try to protect Poppy, the little pup at the center of their new friendship.Bell already cares for an enormous family of pets, but her heart aches to help just one more. Emma packs her hectic schedule with so many side hustles she has no time for what really matters. Charles lost his passion for life after his father died. New relationships are tested as they try to save the dog. Together, the newly-formed friends lean on one another during some of life’s toughest moments, including a devastating tornado, failed dreams and heartbreaking loss. Can Poppy, their four-legged friend, help her people find their own path back home?