Big C, little ta-ta: Kicking Breast Cancer's Butt in 7 Humorous Stories Janet Sheppard Kelleher Author

Big C, little ta-ta: Kicking Breast Cancer's Butt in 7 Humorous Stories Janet Sheppard Kelleher Author
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Big C, little ta-ta: Kicking Breast Cancer’s Butt in 7 Humorous Stories From leaky prosthetics and DIY tattoos to chemotherapy, wigs, boobs, and biopsies, Janet Sheppard Kelleher takes readers on a zany journey through her breast cancer experience. A victor since 2000, Jan finds the funny in the most unlikely places. Join her in kicking breast cancer’s butt with humor and hope.This gift book is the first in a series designed to give hope, inspiration, and optimism to others like Jan on their breast cancer journey. It’s the perfect elixir for the newly diagnosed, the survivor, and the caregiver - a dose of sunshine. Big C, little ta-ta provides a bright spot during a time that is no laughing matter. What a gift - at the cost of a quality greeting card!Visit Jan’s Facebook page to know more about the author and to keep up with contests, appearances, and more.Praise for Big C, little ta-ta:I’ve wanted an optimistic book like this to give my patients who are simply overwhelmed with the cancer diagnosis. - Kelly Jeffcoat, Breast Health Navigator, Lexington Medical CenterRiotous humor is the signature calling card of author Janet Kelleher. In Big C, little ta-ta, Jan delivers heart-warming stories with tickling wit that will make you laugh aloud with delight. Through her unique blending of prose, she shows feminine fortitude and joyfulness in the face of a life-altering disease. She’s a must-read author, one not to be missed! - Linda Joyce, Author of Bayou Born and Bayou BoundIn Big C, little ta-ta, Jan’s stories of her battle with breast cancer are entertaining and thoughtful. Her turn-of-phrase and views on life remind me of the legendary Erma Bombeck’s eclectic prose, with a twist of Southern charm thrown in. This is the perfect gift book for that special someone on your list. - Dahlynn McKowen, Not Your Mother’s Book creator and Chicken Soup for the Soul co-authorJanet Kelleher takes on a terrifying subject, cancer, and body slams it to the ground with rolling-on-floor-laughing humor. Kelleher’s skillful writing and her ability to find comedy amidst fear and pain - she’s a Big-C survivor - is the mark of an extraordinary talent … and a quiet determination not be undone by a fearsome disease. - Buzz Bernard, Author of Supercell, Plague, and EyewallBig C, little ta-ta reminded me of my time through this experience. It just touched my heart so, and it made my heart sing. - Flo Johnson, retired teacher, breast cancer survivor