Big Tine Platinum Deer Blend

Big Tine Platinum Deer Blend
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Brand: Big Tine
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Big Tine Platinum takes our already proven Protein Plus Fortified Deer Blend to the ultimate next level. The premium blend of whole grains and Nitro mineral & vitamin, our customers and deer have come to love, remains the backbone of Platinum with the addition of peanuts, protein pellets and our new Triad Opti-Rumen. TRIAD OPTI-RUMEN contains prebiotics that assist deer in rumen function, that aids in more nutrient utilization, which allows them to get more out of the forages, browse and feed they consume. These prebiotics also promote digestion and the utilization of nutrients to boost protein supply and enhance digestibility. Other pre and probiotics in TRIAD OPTI-RUMEN work to reinforce gut integrity by supporting good bacteria and promoting overall health and performance. These components help small ruminants thrive and reach their genetic potential while assisting in better immunity and more nutrient utilization. Finally, TRIAD OPTI-RUMEN contains a revolutionary microbial protein technology that provides a complete protein that meets a ruminant’s requirements for all essential amino acids, containing an array of highly digestible essential and non-essential amino acids that aid in palatability.