Bio-enhancers Ram Awadh Ram Author

Bio-enhancers Ram Awadh Ram Author
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Over use of agro-chemicals over several decades has adversely affected soil fertility, crop productivity, produce quality and particularly the environment. Soil organic carbon content in most of Indian soils has been reduced to >0.5 per cent. Under these circumstances, maintenance of soil fertility and crop productivity are the major constraints in agriculture. Now a large number of macro and micro nutrients are also becoming deficient in most of the cultivated soil. After closely working with Organic Farming Systems over a decade, we are of the view that Bio enhancers could a cheap and alternative tool to resolve many issues in organic production of horticultural crops.Bio-enhancers are organic preparations, obtained by active fermentation of animal and plant residues over specific duration. These are rich source of beneficial microbial load, macro, micronutrients and plant growth promoting substances. In general these are utilized to treat seeds/ seedlings, enhance decomposition of organic materials and soil and plant health improvement.