Biohazard (A Novella) Amy Saunders Author

Biohazard (A Novella) Amy Saunders Author
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Brand: Amy Saunders
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Madison has lived her whole life cloistered with the only family she knows-other genetically modified humans like her. And it’s not exactly what she would consider living.They’re monitored, studied, and watched. Always guarded. Always hidden. And now that the oldest in their group has escaped into the outside world - always under suspicion.As the first group of a government experiment to design perfect soldiers by enhancing human DNA, they’ve never had hope of a long life span. Super strength and stamina has come with faster physical deterioration and mental and emotional instabilities.But now their lives may be cut short for a different reason. When a scientist involved in their creation is found murdered, Madison is left fighting to keep them all from termination. Surviving will mean leaving the isolated life she knows behind, and discovering what she’s really capable of.