Bioremediation of Industrial Pollutants Ram Naresh Bharagava Author

Bioremediation of Industrial Pollutants Ram Naresh Bharagava Author
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The book entitled Bioremediation of Industrial Pollutants showcases the latest information on the bioremediation of different types of industrial pollutants and dedicated for the environmental safety, which is a global challenge. This book provides a detailed knowledge on the various natural as well as anthropogenic sources of different types of toxic and hazardous industrial pollutants such as toxic metals, dyes, pesticides, petroleum hydrocarbons, plastics etc., their fate and transport into the environment, their ecotoxicological effects and health hazards as well as various approaches used for their bioremediation for the environmental cleanup and safety of human and animal’s health. The book covers the different aspects of environmental problems and their remedies with up to date developments in the field of bioremediation of industrial pollutants. Thus, this book serves as an invaluable source of knowledge for a wide range of students, scientists and researchers in Microbiology, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences with the fundamental and advance knowledge about the environmental pollution, challenges and bioremediation of toxic industrial pollutants.