Bitte was? An American author's misadventures in the German language Lawrence D. Elliott Author

Bitte was? An American author's misadventures in the German language Lawrence D. Elliott Author
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Lawrence D. Elliott is an American author, whose work has appeared in many popular books and publications, including 4 books in the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Now he tackles the language of German in this humorous story of how he struggled to relearn the language, after being away from it for over 20 years. No one is off limits when it comes to poking a bit of fun, not even the author.The author is not a teacher or professor. This is not a language book or a dry instruction manual. His world is not the clean or pristine environment of a classroom, where you’d hear perfect German spoken from professional performers. (Who speaks perfectly in any language?)He writes about the real world and what he’s encountered as he struggled to relearn German, one of the world’s most difficult languages. Hopefully, you won’t make the same mistakes he’s made.If you’ve ever taken a foreign language and tried to say something in perfect German (or French or Spanish or Mandarin), only to realize you made a terrible mistake, THIS STORY IS FOR YOU!If you’ve ever said something that left the other person completely speechless or shocked, or you’ve said something you thought was a compliment, only to realize you said something extremely rude, THIS STORY IS FOR YOU!Or maybe you’re studying a language in school now and you want to understand what it’s like to hold real conversations in the real world.Then, THIS STORY IS FOR YOU!*** FREE RESOURCES INCLUDED ***There is a SPECIAL RESOURCES section at the end of this selection. Here, the author provides a special link to his website where you can use free tools he’s discovered and has used that will actually help you improve your German. You should bookmark this page because he’ll continue to add to it.