Blend Of Grasses - Dry Bouquets 1G/50 Seeds Gmo Free

Blend Of Grasses - Dry Bouquets 1G/50 Seeds Gmo Free
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Blend of Grasses - Dry Bouquets 1g / 50 Seeds GMO Free Please check out the rest of our shop: Mixture of grasses for dry bouquets is a unique composition of grass seeds with a different shape & type of inflorescence. All types of mixed grasses are extremely popular in bouquets - especially dried, they become an interesting element of bouquets or decorations. These grasses are not difficult to cultivate & can be grown on any type of soil. All plants in the mixture are annuals. Height from 30 to 130 cm. Charm of Dry bouquets of grasses lies in the diversity of its inflorescences. Some of them form sumptuous panicles, others - dense spikes. Flowering period: July - September. Appearance of the leaves of the grasses in the mixture is varied. The leaves, however, are most often long & even. They can form a mundane clump or be located directly on the stem. Most of the grasses in the mixture form large clumps from which inflorescences grow. As the name suggests, plants from a mixture of grasses for dry bouquets are most often used for dried compositions. Since they dry well & do not lose their color or shape, they look great in bouquets, whether they are natural or dyed. However, mixed grasses are also very attractive “green”. They are perfect as an addition to discounts. Due to their varying height, they will look good in naturalistic gardens. All grasses whose seeds are in the mixture are annual plants that do not survive frost. However, their individual frost resistance varies. Grass blend of seeds for dry bouquets can grow in any type of fairly well-drained soil. Plants do best in a sunny position, but they can thrive just as well in partial shade. Spacing: 30 x 10-20 cm. Blend Of Grasses - Dry Bouquets 1G/50 Seeds Gmo Free