Blend T. K. Richards Author

Blend T. K. Richards Author
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Distance. Deception. Betrayal. Love.I messed up. ~NadiaThe steamy, emotional, adventurous finale to An Affair Abroad and A Taste of the Forbidden completes the love affair between Nadia and Maximus. Every marriage has its tests, and what one does in the dark, always comes to the light. Sooner or later.Back together in London, The Sharpers have moved into their new home. The months they’ve spent apart didn’t break them, proving distance can’t come between them, but they still face three obstacles to arrive to their happy ending: Self, Forgiveness, and Time.Amid a busy summer in London, Maximus and Nadia’s relationship falls to turmoil. Wary of repeating her past mistakes, Nadia flees Europe and travels back to America broken-hearted and unhinged. How will they weather their storm?Blend is a steamy women’s fiction of romantic elements, action, and adventure.