Blended A Family Story Ronald Fleming Author

Blended A Family Story Ronald Fleming Author
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This story is about a father who becomes the primary caregiver for his son, after a divorce and remarriage. A lot of men go on to raise a new family after a divorce. Edgar won custody so he could include his son in his day to day life, this is his struggle, and this is their story. Book Review by Monica Fleming wrote on your timeline. Hey Ron!!! The book it’s remarkable! Every time I have to put it down I cannot wait to pick back up again! Book: Blended A Family Story. November 27, 2010 at 2:28pm Book Review by Dona B. Shelton-Wiggins Hey Ron, I just finished a blended family. I finished Mount Misery on Tuesday. I loved the trip down memory lane, some of the names and things made me weep, but it was a good weep for they are memories that no one can touch. It was a very good book and I am glad you have become the successful man that you are. Now on to a blended family.. oohhh I wanted to choke the life out of Charles Jr. and his Momma. I loved that novel as well. I couldn’t stand Wanda and her momma wanted to beat them as well. I loved Edgar & his family. I especially enjoyed how you paid homage to Papa Wongs as the Chinese restaurant. Keep up the good work. And may God continue to bless you…whew….love ya Book Review by Dana Doggett wrote on your timeline. Ron, Just finished reading your book ´ Blended A Family Story´. I enjoyed reading from page 1 to the last page. Very nice read. You´re an excellent AUTHOR and good story teller. Looking forward to your Autograph of my book in August when you come to Mount Vernon…It´s nice I can tell people I know and grew up with the Author RONALD FLEMING! Looking forward to The Grill rewrite. May 18, 2011 at 6:53am Book Review by Dana Doggett Ron, I enjoyed the Grill! Nice story of your life all the way to the ending. Very well written. Brought back a lot of good memories of people from our childhood and teenage years. Was nice to see names of people that I forgot and that brought back good memories also. If I didn´t grow up with you I would have still enjoyed your story. The author tells a wonderful story and I am proud to say I know him! A must read for all you FB friends and for anyone… Book Review by Alida Rogers wrote on your timeline. Hey Ron, me n Wayne got our books! Wayne is right now perusing the book n looking at some throwbacks saying Wow I remember that, September 13, 2011 at 2:34pm Book Review by Sherry Frazier Reading my home boy Ron Fleming book we grew up together in Mt. Vernon same bldg. 70 West the Best :-) A Positive person from Mount Vernon Love the book and he have a few pics of me when I was a child in the book oh how sweet, back then we were all so close like family. Great Book to read and have. September 16 His book is about growning up in Mount Vernon you might like a copy for yourself. September 16 at 1:05pm Book Review by Darlene Newkirk Alexander Hello Ron, I do not remember you but I am reading your book which I purchased on IBooks… I am reminiscing my child hood ventures on the# 2 train going to 14 th street on Saturday mornings… Thanks for the venture!!!! Book Review by Jackie Monroe McCray Got the book yesterday - on Pg 83. Will let you know when I finish BTW Pretty Boy was my husband´s great uncle! Hey Ron - I, too, enjoyed reading The Grill! It brought back many memories of growing up in Mt. Vernon. Although I didn´t live in the projects, I was always in that area a great deal because of friends and had the opportunity to experience the Social Room and just hanging out there. Fond memories of Wilson Woods Pool, Tarzan Hill, 241st Street, the various trucks that brought food, ice cream, etc. - thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Book Review by Mark Johnson Sr. Rec´d book Monday 2/3 done. Love Ron´s style of writing, although Ron is a few years older than me I know and hung out with many of the people in the bo

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