Blended Bribes: Donut Mystery #43 Jessica Beck Author

Blended Bribes: Donut Mystery #43 Jessica Beck Author
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Blended Bribes, Donut Mystery #43, From New York Times Bestselling Author Jessica Beck!As Suzanne Hart is coming home from visiting her college roommate, Autumn, she spots smoke in the sky above downtown April Springs, North Carolina. She fears that either her donut shop or the cottage she shares with her husband, Jake, is on fire, but it turns out to be ReNEWed, Gabby Williams’s gently used clothing shop next door to Donut Hearts. As Suzanne watches in horror, a fireman pulls someone from inside the burning building. Is it Gabby, and if it is, is she still alive? Only time will tell. As events begin to unfold, Suzanne and Grace do their best to uncover who would want to torch Gabby’s business, and the owner along with it!