Blended Families: Recipes for Success Barbara J Peters Author

Blended Families: Recipes for Success Barbara J Peters Author
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Surprisingly, many couples about to remarry and start step-parenting do not even read a book about it (less than fifty percent do). But education aboutmarriage and parenting does increase marital success. ‘You’re NOT my dad!’ How do I even respond to that? What would my wife want me to say? These problems are so difficult to navigate. I am happy to see this book come along. I can’t wait to start cooking!-Steve, stepdadBarbara Peters shares effective strategies that empower blended families to be successful, such as building trust, working together to create the family they desire, and good advice on what not to say about exes. The recipe format is delightfully creative to read and practical to use.-Elisabeth Davies, author and mental health counselorI have performed numerous wedding ceremonies for brides and grooms who haven’t a clue of the blended family issues to come. This book provides guidance for the conversations couples must have prior to the ‘I dos’ with the kids. This is a book you must read before you create a mess in your blended family kitchen.-Larry James, author of How to Really Love the One You’re WithA Pivotal book from Barbara J Peters, counselor and relationship coach presenting easy to follow recipes for a lifetime blended marriage. Barbara Peters has been helping couples for years with her other books such as The Gift of a Lifetime, Building a Marriage That Lasts and He Said She Said I Said 7 Keys to Relationship Success.This book offers the necessary and critical ingredients of creating a solid blended family. These principles can strengthen the parent relationship. Parents will be providing a positive role model for their children to see and families will become more cohesive by using the recipe of shared family identity. A small workbook section helps the reader put into action the concepts suggested by Barbara. By practicing such principles as flexibility and trust, the two of you can forge connections that can support each individual of the family, even into the next generation.