Blended is Still Best David Skelton Author

Blended is Still Best David Skelton Author
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The future of our universities and polytechnics is being challenged by the increase in e-learning and distance courses increasingly on offer. This book investigates many of the learning environments on offer; classrooms, laboratories, lecture theatres, websites, online learning systems and proposes a blended way forward that does not undermine the strengths of real-world campus teaching activities. What do students really think about the online and flexible systems they are using? How do university lecturers and professors feel about the emerging technologies used to deliver classes and courses? Dr Skelton has researched teachers and students using a variety of learning modes in the tertiary sector and found out which methods and channels are most popular and proving effective. A balanced approach to the learning environment is described in this book utilising all of the emerging technologies while advocating the protection of the traditional face to face campus experiences.