Blended Learning A Complete Guide - 2021 Edition Gerardus Blokdyk Author

Blended Learning A Complete Guide - 2021 Edition Gerardus Blokdyk Author
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Own your Blended Learning Risk with your Blended Learning resource. Be your own consultant: Your Blended Learning risk becomes your reward with this book and its accompanying digital resources. Cultivate an in-house knowledge base with the self-assessment that cuts out expensive consultants and gives you a competitive edge. RISK MANAGEMENT Assess Blended Learning risks and threats from a wide range of sources. QUALITY MANAGEMENT Ensure consistent Blended Learning quality in your organization, products, and services. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Plan and execute Blended Learning projects that achieve your goals and objectives. PEOPLE MANAGEMENT Lead your team confidently with continuous direction and support. NEW TECHNOLOGY Increase Blended Learning awareness and knowledge in your field. BUSINESS PROCESSES Create specific structured tasks for personnel and equipment. The Art of Service was created to provide internal support for organizations without external resources. Our tools and services help C-level executives overcome knowledge gaps to ask the right questions and get the insights they need without relying on consultants. ‘Many of our competitors have asked us about our secret sauce. When I tell them it’s the knowledge we have in-house, they never believe me. Little do they know The Art of Service toolkits are working behind the scenes.’