Blended Learning in Engineering Mathematics Kashefi Hamidreza Author

Blended Learning in Engineering Mathematics Kashefi Hamidreza Author
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Blended learning is a sufficient environment in supporting engineering students’ thinking and skills. This book proposes a blended learning model for teaching and learning of engineering mathematics based on integrating mathematical thinking and creative problem solving. The theoretical foundation of the three worlds of symbolic, embodied, and formal mathematics is adopted to develop strategies to enhance students’ mathematical thinking and generic skills. Different ways of qualitative data collection such as think-aloud verbal protocols, students’ written solutions to assessments, semi-structured interview, students’ web comments, and semi-structured questionnaire are introduced to identify the effectiveness of the blended learning engineering mathematics in developing and supporting students’ thinking powers. A survey as a quantitative method of data collection is explained to find out the effectiveness of blended learning engineering mathematics on students’ generic skills such as communication, teamwork, problem solving, and technology skills. Finally, the results of a study that used the designed model are presented.