Blended Terrance Whitlock Author

Blended Terrance Whitlock Author
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Over the course of his life, author Terrance Whitlock has been in multiple relationships during which he encountered firsthand critiques of situations, good and bad. Now he shares advice on relationships gleaned from experiences and grounded in biblical wisdom. Blended offers an insider’s view of handling relationships for the sole purpose of goodness. Whitlock’s goal is for everyone to achieve greatness in every relationship possible, not in the sense of wealth but in the ability to get along with understanding, care, and love for others. In these turbulent times, all people can benefit greatly from embracing gratitude for their neighbors, regardless of agenda, race, politics, or beliefs. But for this to happen, we must all examine our own thought processes. Self-analysis allows us to build our blended experiences into something truly special. This faith-inspired guide encourages a new approach to blended relationships, seeking harmony and understanding that can provide a foundation for greatness in all personal connections.