Blended Tracey Duff Author

Blended Tracey Duff Author
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A Refreshing Outlook on Divorce and Putting the Pieces Back TogetherAuthors Tracey and Scott Duff, along with Daniella and Dave Rigon, give readers a new version of the nuclear family in their insightful book, ‘Blended’.Divorce is never easy. For many people, it can be a truly devastating experience with resentments, bitterness and old wounds surfacing at unexpected times. But what if divorce could be a positive experience? What if the new roads that open up after divorce are ones that the exes could travel - together? Authors Tracey Duff and Dave Rigon, together with their new spouses Scott and Daniella, share their story of how they made their divorce work for them and create a new, bigger, and more wonderful family than before.Thirteen years ago, Tracey and Dave made the decision to get a divorce. Concerned about how the process might affect their young son Josh and how the divorce might affect his relationship with both of his parents, they made him their priority, a decision that ultimately took them down a new and unexpected path. That path ended in what they refer to as their new blended family: Tracey and Dave both remarried, their relationship with Josh remained as strong as ever, and they have become a supportive, loving, and important part of each other’s lives along with their new spouses.Their new book, Blended, shares the story of how, exactly, they became the new Demi and Bruce, a former couple that was once at odds and now have formed such a strong bond of friendship that they managed to write a book together, detailing their experience from beginning to end. Probably the most unique part of their story is the wonderful bond formed between Tracey and Daniella. An invaluable read for anyone currently going through their own divorce, Blendedoffers a refreshing alternative to the standard of rivalry and unhappiness that permeates most divorce situations: friendship.The AuthorsTracey Duff and Dave Rigon have been separated for thirteen years and divorced for eight. They, along with their spouses, Scott and Daniella, respectively, have joined forces to write a powerful new book on their experiences as parents, exes, new spouses, and step-parents. A positive and inspiring read, Blended took four years to write, and is their first book all together.