Blender 3D: Characters, Machines, and Scenes for Artists Enrico Valenza Author

Blender 3D: Characters, Machines, and Scenes for Artists Enrico Valenza Author
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Gain the insights and techniques you need to give life to your own custom characters, machines, and scenes in Blender 3DAbout This BookLearn how to establish the basic shape of a character on the basis of templates, and take it to completion using the tools available in BlenderDevelop realistic and awesome machines for your 3D projects and animation filmsDiscover advanced techniques by adding fur to a character, creating a grass field, and fine-tuning a shot with post-processing effects to enhance your creationsWho This Book Is ForThis learning path is for those who know the basics of Blender and have hands-on experience with the software. We will directly dive into creating characters first. If you wish to use Blender to create games, animated films, and architecture simulations, this learning path will benefit you.What You Will LearnUse your sculpting skills to carve the character features from the meshFind the best possible flow for your edge-loops to enhance the character features and to get the best possible range of deformationMix both the Blender Internal and Cycles rendering engines in order to render materials as quickly as possibleKnow when and where to use various types of geometry—something that saves time in one instance will pose significant problems in anotherCreate a 3D robot toy model from start to finish using the basic modeling tools of BlenderMake a full alien character using the skin mesh modifier and the sculpting tools with an artistic approachUse re-topology techniques to create a clean 3D version of the previously sculpted alienModel a full haunted house and its environment using more advanced modeling tools and techniques such as the Array Modifier, Instance duplication, and CurvesIn DetailBlender 3D is one of the top 3D animation software available. As the Blender software grows more powerful and popular, there is a demand to take your modeling skills to the next level.This learning path is divided into three modules that will take you on this incredible journey of creating games.The first module will take you on a journey to understand the workflow normally used to create characters, from the modeling to the rendering stages, using the tools of the last official release of Blender exclusively. You will be making production-quality 3D models and characters quickly and efficiently, which will be ready to be added to your very own animated feature or game.The second module will help you develop a comprehensive skill set that covers the key aspects of mechanical modeling. You will create many types of projects, including a pistol, spacecraft, robot, and a racer. By the end of this module, you will have mastered a workflow that you will be able to apply to your own creations.The final module will help you to create many types of projects using a step-by-step approach. Each project in this module will give you more practice and increase your knowledge of the Blender tools and game engine.This learning path combines some of the best that Packt has to offer in one complete, curated package. It includes content from the following Packt products:Blender 3D Cookbook, Second Edition by Enrico ValenzaBlender 3D Incredible Machines, Second Edition by Christopher KuhnBlender 3D By Example by Romain Caudron and Pierre-Armand NicqStyle and approachThis easy-to-follow course will teach you how to create complex 3D characters, create incredible machines, and put them together to create a 3D scene. Each topic is explained sequentially in the process of creating various models, and includes detailed explanations of the basic and advanced features.