Blender Alchemy Brandon Gilbert Author

Blender Alchemy Brandon Gilbert Author
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Learn to make elixirs that consistently deliver: -Delicious taste and texture that has you craving one everyday -Sustainable energy -No jitters or crashes -Easy absorption of medicinal herbs and other highly nutritious ingredients -Heightened awareness -The ability to replace a meal -Aid in digestion -Immune system boost -Daily recharge and balance The road to a perfect elixir is neither a straight one, nor it is without bumps, detours, potholes, and possibly more pit stops than you had originally planned for. Basically, if you’ve been brave enough to embark on this journey of drink exploration, you may realized by now that it’s not easy to get the correct formula that covers all the bases of your personal needs. Whether the taste doesn’t make you crave it again, your feeling hungry soon after, or your digestion pays the price; there are important guidelines to consider when creating elixirs that take years of practice making them and, at times, loss of money and product experimenting. As it is easy to throw everything you have in a blender, even if it ends up not tasting too badly, there are profound effects that take place inside of our bodies that create imbalances. With all of these new and exciting herbs and supplements at our disposal, elixirs are a perfect way to integrate them into our diets, especially if you may not particularly like how they taste in a stand-alone fashion. However, being that these ingredients are all so new to us, it is important to know what goes well with what, any why! Possibly even more important is knowing your body and metabolism and learning how to cater to your needs when creating a drink for yourself. Blender Alchemy has condensed my eight years of elixir education and experience creating for both others in a retail environment and myself. This book provides not only my personal experiences, but also a guide to how to effortlessly synergize perfect elixirs personal to you. We will unlock the secrets to potentiating powerful ingredients and energy that will allow your body to actually use them, thus, resulting in, well, results! There are also not only thirteen solid recipes, but with along with them, an in-depth analysis of all of the ingredients, how they work together, what they could produce, and how they could work for you. Beyond the recipes, we will also explore common mistakes and how to prevent them and how you can become your own gourmet elixir master. There are variations for the recipes so you can personalize them for your tastes and metabolism. This book contains everything you need to know to make a perfect drink, creating a prototype that will go beyond the pages and into your hands, as the blender alchemist in you emerges. Here’s The Recipes You’ll Get: -Supreme Athletic Performance -Ultimate Natural High -Invincible Immunity -Bone Marrow Jing Builder -Relaxation Manifestation -60 Second Gallbladder Cleanse -60 Second Probiotic Cleanse -Balance The 5 Elements -Mile High Blue Majik Chai -10 Second NutMilk -Liver Cleansing Tea -Liver Cleansing Elixir -How To Make Your Own Chai Spice Mix