Blender Game Development Tutorial Liu Liqun Author

Blender Game Development Tutorial Liu Liqun Author
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Who is this Book for?If you are a beginner, and want to learn how to use Blender for the game development workflow, this book is right for you. About this BookIn this book, the author describes in detail how to use Blender instead of 3ds Max and Maya for the game development workflow, and learners can focus on one area of the workflow according to their interests.Each chapter ends with a series of entrepreneurship classroom topics, where the author relates the experiences and lessons learned in his twenty years of independent development, pointing out the pitfalls that independent developers and small teams tend to encounter, and giving straightforward solutions.By studying this book, you will find that financial freedom is not unattainable for independent developers if you do well enough.Whether you are a graduating college student, an independent developer just starting out, or a small team with little money, you can learn from this book and help your business succeed. About the AuthorHe graduated from the Department of Electronic Engineering of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in 1991, majoring in telemetry and remote control, but found that his main interest was in the field of software development and showed a high talent, so he took the path of independent developer without any hesitation.He had independently developed a 3D game engine and used his own 3D game engine to develop and publish the casual game “3D Safari Park” for iPad in Apple App Store.He had developed an editor extension plugin “Mantis LOD Editor” for Unity Engine to simplify 3D models, which is very popular among users.He had developed the heavyweight “Voxel Heat Diffuse Skinning” add-on and the very best-selling “Better FBX Importer & Exporter” add-on for Blender, helping Blender to get out of the island of game development by himself. What’s Included?This book contains blend files and video tutorials (File Format:mp4,Resolution:3840x2160), please visit to download the zip file.