Blender Recipes (Clean Eating Snacks You Can Make With Your Nutribullet, Ninja, Vitamix & Other High Speed Blender) Juliana Baldec Author

Blender Recipes (Clean Eating Snacks You Can Make With Your Nutribullet, Ninja, Vitamix & Other High Speed Blender) Juliana Baldec Author
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This is a compilation of 2 clean blender books that you can make with your Ninja Blender, Nutribullet, Vitamix similar high speed or high power blender.Juliana will show you how she uses powerful and hi-speed smoothie makers like the Nutribullet (use any other high speed blender like the Vitamix, or a plain blender bottle or shaker bottle) to tear through chard, kale, frozen berries, coconut, walnuts, almonds, chia seeds & other clean food ingredients and transforms them into these heavenly tasty smoothies when she is done. With these amazing clean eating & drinking recipes, Juliana shows you how to keep the nutrition inside the dish and the healthy pulp inside the drink. She has the lifestyle of clean eating down to a science and shows you how you can go into your kitchen, make a high speed blender recipe, clean up and be out in most of the cases in about 5 minutes max. Preparing her clean drinking recipes takes her most of the times only 5 minutes of prep time then another 5 minutes or so of cleanup.The clean eating recipes are most of the time 5 minute quick in prep time and there is some cooking or baking time involved.She shows you some amazing recipes that are boosting your immune system, restoring your body’s natural ability to heal itself, energizing and regulating your hormones, helping neutralize free radicals in our body and brain, satisfying your daily supply of the cancer fighting mineral selenium, treating fungal bacteria in the body like candida, boosting your energy level to fight against fatigue and illnesses, loosing some weight and become lean, burning fat, and many health benefits! If you are looking for some amazing clean eating and clean drinking high-speed blender recipes that you can make with your favorite blender like the Nutribullet or the Vitamix to boost a healthy living free from calories, fats, and other unhealthy ingredients, check out Juliana’s collection of her 17 amazing clean eating and clean drinking high-speed blender recipes. With these clean recipes, Juliana was able to achieve her health and weight loss goals. Only this time she achieved a lean and healthy body with enjoying these effortless, delicious and satisfying clean eating and drinking recipes. If you, too, want to replace these common and sick making fat food options with clean eating and drinking solutions that are tasty, 5 minute easy to make and that are going to make your body lean and clean, then you owe it to yourself and your family to test out these 17 amazing high-speed blender recipes!Book 2:11 Healthy Smoothies Recipes You Wish You Knew by Juliana BaldecIn this 5 minute quick system you will get all the benefits of the ingredients that are included in these healthy smoothies recipes, the smoothie ingredients, the 5 minute quick instructions, some invaluable mobile smoothie tips so that you can still enjoy your smoothies and be healthy on the go and some invaluable personal insights that relate to each healthy smoothie. If you do not do anything else and consume these 11 healthy smoothies you are good to go and you will get some very powerful health benefits out of it and especially if you are going to repeat your healthy smoothie consumption on a daily basis, but know that by combining the consumption of these healthy smoothies together with a daily workout program will get you even more mental and health benefits. There are smoothie books that just talk about smoothie recipes, but the focus of this healthy smoothie picture book is different because it does not talk about a specific smoothie recipe in a boring and long winded way old fashioned way. It is easy to go through this compilation and 5 minute quick to apply in order to get your first benefits out of it. The compilation is not expensive as opposed to other high prized books. Juliana will show you how to make healthy smoothies a very personal, enjoyable, interactive, and inspirational where your body and brain get all the benfits!