Blending Bailey Gabrielle Hodgson Author

Blending Bailey Gabrielle Hodgson Author
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Carve out time, uninterrupted, you are reading content that is meant to feel like you are in the author’s stream of consciousness.As the biological mother of one, Gabrielle went from a relatively simple family of two to an intricate, blended family of six and is newly navigating what it means to step into the roles of wife and mother while constantly evolving as a woman. Although she cannot imagine her life any other way, there are often more questions than answers around what blending a family truly demands. The multitude of factors that incessantly affect how life unfolds for the very real individuals living in this truth serve as constant reminders that interactions with your family, particularly with your kids, have generational implications…Meant to read like a therapy session, it takes time before the author becomes comfortable enough with herself – and the reader – to reveal a level of transparency that feels truly exposed, but keep reading. As you delve deeper, literary boundaries are tested and you may even be confronted by some of your own truths. What are the familial proximities, relational dynamics, and innermost vulnerabilities that have shaped the blend that has become you?