Blending Fragments Erika T Moore Author

Blending Fragments Erika T Moore Author
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Emma Morgan is desperately fighting to save her father after the catastrophe of the wiles of her very own mother, Susie Davies. Has Susie gone too far this time? Can she be responsible for sending her own husband, Bill, to jail? Has she destroyed her relationship with her family due to her rage and hatred towards her daughter’s husband, Adonis? Can Adonis and Bill withstand Susie’s wickedness? Will Emma have the courage to finally part ways with her mother before she destroys everything, or is it already too late? Can this family stand together during the worse storm of their lives? Will their faith in God be enough to forgive and love or will they be destroyed forever? Forgiveness and hidden secrets are the root of all evil in this gripping family saga. Blending Fragments is the sequel to Sex, Lies & Church. It’s based on events in the section, Lies. Susie Davies single handedly destroyed her family due to her bitterness and hatred towards her husband Bill. Can her daughter Emma handle another catastrophe? Will she be able to forgive her mother wickedness? Can this family survive another storm or will they be able to fix the broken pieces? Pastor Erika T. Moore