Blending Techniques Kayleen Brookhurst Author

Blending Techniques Kayleen Brookhurst Author
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Approximate word count: 20,500+Content warning: Contains explicit sexual activity. For Adults Only!A woman becomes intimately involved with the young couple next door and discovers pleasure can awaken and empower an extraordinary life…Bewildered, Erica copes with a cosmic shift in her understanding of right and wrong, knowing she will face consequences. Because Julie, sweet, artistic, sometimes scary Julie, broke a vow, but she will not betray her husband further with a lie. Neither woman can predict how Richard will react. What will their gal-on-gal transgressions mean for the close relationship between neighbors, not to mention the young couple’s marriage?In the meantime, Erica’s new catering business means crossing paths with Jorge again, the seductive jack-of-all-trades determined to disregard their age difference. And handsome Victor is back in town with his sexy, well-paid voice. He’s age-appropriate, available, interesting, and interested! Most women her age would consider him prime marriage material, but does Erica want another conventional relationship? Especially when she’s so attracted to Richard and Julie. Somehow the old rules feel arbitrary and stifling.But so many thrilling possibilities can be confusing. So can a conversation with her ex-husband, reflections on her past, an encounter with an aged, charismatic, and worldly woman, and spectacular sex. Every new moment encourages Erica to open her mind and acknowledge that hetero monogamy is not the only option. Will Erica embrace a less than traditional lifestyle? She’s not the only one who wants to find out! Every tantalizing moment of this sizzling, thought-provoking story will arouse and satisfy. Share Erica’s sexual reawakening in the conclusion of the Neighbors trilogy, Blending Techniques.If you haven’t already, enjoy the beginning of Erica’s erotic journey when she meets Richard and Julie in Intro to Life Study, Book One of the Neighbors Series. Then follow their continuing adventures as Erica transitions from voyeur to participant in Lessons in Shadow, Book Two.