Bound Together: Like the Grasses Deborah Cooper Author

Bound Together: Like the Grasses Deborah Cooper Author
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For sixteen years, five talented poets met over dinner, sharing their lives, the mundane and the sacred, sharing their words: Deborah Cooper, Candace Ginsberg, Ann Floreen Niedringhaus, Ellie Schoenfeld, and Anne Simpson. The evolution and bonding of a writing group remains a mystery. This group of women poets grew in an atmosphere of affirmation, raucous laughter, and gentle challenge. Life stories, ordinary and profound experiences and insights, were shared. In this collection of their work, distinct writing styles and philosophies emerged to express each individual’s unique search for understanding, for a patch of ground to stand on in the wind. Walking together through time and transitions, through the dark struggles, and the surprise of joy, they created this collaborative work and wove the scattered sands of their lives together, lending strength to each of their voices. Winner of the Northeastern Minnesota Book Award.