BOX 10 lbs. Crinkle Paper, Black and Silver Metallic Blend

BOX 10 lbs. Crinkle Paper, Black and Silver Metallic Blend
Categories: Soup Mixes, Soup mix
Brand: Partners Brand
Color: Multicolor
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BOX 10 lbs Crinkle paper in black and silver metallic blend color is ideal for use in gift boxes and baskets. Solid kraft colored paper with unique zig-zag strips that brings color as well as texture to packaging..Black and silver Metallic blend.For a two-tone shiny effect, metallic blends have solid color crinkle paper & metallic color.10 lbs..Unique zig-zag strips add color and texture to packaging.Use color crinkle papers to create a multi-dimensional and festive blend.Solid kraft colored paper.Great to use in gift boxes and baskets.Black and silver metallic blend crinkle paper is great to use in gift boxes and baskets with unique zig-zag strips add color and texture to packaging..Our Crinkle Paper Creates Beautiful Packaging Show off your favorite gift items with this crinkle paper, which comes in a mix of black and silver for a bold, attractive look. Put together attractive gift baskets or creative product packaging with this crinkle paper. It comes in a 12. 6-pound box, so you can keep a large supply on hand in the mail room for special events or regular customer orders. Attractive Design Available in a modern black and silver blend, this crinkle paper contrasts beautifully with your product packaging. The strips come in a mix of solid and metallic textures, creating an attractive multi-dimensional look. Safe Packing Each strip of this crinkle paper features a compressible zigzag design to provide gentle cushioning for lightweight products. The kraft paper is sturdy and strong, so it prevents items from sinking to the bottom of a basket or gift box.