Braving Stars Amy Carpenter Author

Braving Stars Amy Carpenter Author
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An adventurous short story about one girl’s quest for bravery, for fans of Skyward and Enders Game.Ahs is the coward girl. And yet, her only dream is to join the ranks of the guardians, powerful protectors of weaker planets. With the help of a loudmouthed friend and with a haunting memory chasing her, Ahs enters a grueling series of tests to see if she has what it takes to be accepted into the Academy to become a guardian. When a new danger arises that threatens Ahs standing at school, she must decide which is more important: her dreams or true courage.From the universe of Becoming Human comes this epic space tale. Reviews: From the universe of Becoming Human: The Giver meets A Wrinkle in Time in this twisty, sci-fi adventure.-D.J. Butler, award-winning author of Witchy Eye It’s creative, immersive, and a read you can easily devour. -Autumn Krause, author of A Dress for the WickedHuman and alien, complex and sweetly personal, Carpenter’s thoughtful world blends sci-fi with coming of age as three unique worlds collide. This book will make you laugh, make you fall in love, and then make you re-evaluate what it means to be human. McKelle George, HarperCollins author of Speak Easy Speak Love