Break-Up Survival: I Lost Him but I Found Myself Florence Chow Author

Break-Up Survival: I Lost Him but I Found Myself Florence Chow Author
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A break-up can be as powerful as a cruel hurricane. Mine once defeated my ego, devoured my sanity, and devastated my mind. Thankfully it did not destroy me, but instead has spurred me to become a fearless survivor. You will be able to get over your emotional ups and downs, too! From a broken heart to a resilient soul, may Break-Up Survival accompany you through your sadness, frustration, or heartbreak. As the author, this is my honest conversation with you-my secret diary made public. I am here to help you reach your best self! *Two highlights here: 1) As a real-life case study, I want to share with you how surviving a destructive break-up propelled me to be a stronger and wiser person. Not only do I tell it, I prove it. I want you not only to survive, but also to THRIVE! 2) Drawing from my work experience as a financial auditor for seven years, I apply relevant economic theories and financial principles to my perspective on how to: a) get over a break-up efficiently, and b) evaluate a relationship rationally. Many of the experiences I share will mirror your own. I offer my insights in a practical, compassionate, and humorous way to help you overcome your bitterness. *This book will bring you a mixture of feelings-sadness, delight, as well as inspiration. This work is not exactly soul-healing chicken soup; it is more like spirit-boosting spicy chili chowder. Enjoy!