Breakup Songs Jamie Campbell Author

Breakup Songs Jamie Campbell Author
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Kaley Thorne’s world is about to completely explode. With a recording contract on the horizon, just one wrong step could ruin everything and stop her from living out her dreams of being a singer-songwriter.With her secret songbook in hand, Kaley ventures into the world of fame, fortune, and fakeness. She must determine who in her life is a traitor, who is real, and which people are worth saving. In the music industry, nothing is as it appears.For Kaley, even the very worst things can be fuel for her songs. She will write new pages with her boyfriend, best friend, family, and all her new fans. She has found her voice, but can she use it the way she wants to, or will she do as she’s told?Also in the Secret Songbook Series:Secret Songs (Short Prequel)Love SongsBreakup Songs