Brilliant Daye Tammy Campbell Brooks Author

Brilliant Daye Tammy Campbell Brooks Author
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Billy Daye, the star quarterback and Sasha West, the hottest cheerleader meet in high school. Billy needs to pass his algebra class to be eligible to play in the football game. Sasha doesn’t tutor jocks because she feels that they are all dumb, but will she make an exception to the rule and tutor Billy? Barbara Knight is Sasha’s cousin and has taken upon the task to try and help Billy pass algebra. The only problem is that he doesn’t want Barbara to tutor him, his love interest is her cousin. There are many events that will join Billy, Barbara, and Sasha together as they will forever be entangled, either by friendship or love. This three-part series will introduce you to a young prodigy, Brilliant Daye that will show her community how to unite, buy land, and create generational wealth. Brilliant Daye sees the beauty in all people and feels that anyone could be reformed and that includes her late grandfather’s murderer. Find out how Brilliant Daye will change her community one day at a time.