Broken Bond Pain and Agony: Indentured Labor Harish Noudiyal Author

Broken Bond Pain and Agony: Indentured Labor Harish Noudiyal Author
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Slavery has existed in many parts of the world since ancient times. But in the Caribbean British colony, the enslavement of Africans began in the 1600s and 1610s. Many Caribbean plantation owners were slave owners though both men came to believe that slavery was morally wrong. Slavery flourished in the Caribbean. In most of the US states, there were large cotton and tobacco farms that required slave workers. During the revolution in the years 1776s to 1783s in the West, it began to turn against slavery, believing it violated the US Constitution’s promise that “all men and women are created equal.’ As the 1800s began, Northern abolitionists were starting a crusade to end slavery while Southerners insisted on their right to continue their traditional way of life, which included owning slaves, which affected the Caribbean as well. Ram Chatar was born in the 1820s and reached the Caribbean sometime in the 1840s when the business of buying and selling slaves by the plantation owners was booming. Most of them were field hands, working to raise and harvest crops. Mostly slave women were domestic servants working in the plantation houses. The rising anger in the West and the Caribbean on the issue of slavery helped bring about American Civil War. When the war ended in 1865, slavery was abolished in the West but remain in the Caribbean and took a little time to end.