Broken Cadence Ami Violet Author

Broken Cadence Ami Violet Author
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Inspired by a true story.It is hard to entertain a dead man’s thoughts 24/7. Admittedly, it is Delaney who first welcomed the voice into her head. He claimed himself as Eli, her godfather and childhood guardian; but he is much crueler now than she remembers him. The Eli she knew - and expected - would never do these things. He would only love her (although, others have said it wasn’t the right kind of love). And even when he did make her cry, he always showed remorse. But that was when he was alive - and ghosts can’t feel remorse. Dr. Dwayne says she’s simply imagining Eli; and if she confronts her past, and continues to take her medication, Eli’s intrusive thoughts will disappear. Hence her documentary. Now 17-year-old Delaney Gordon has entered her life in a student film competition. She hopes the documentary will be the healing path she needs to finally rid herself of the ghostly presence which has haunted her mind for more than three years. But how can she accurately portray on film her psychological torment when her co-star is all in her head?Soon Delaney awakens to discover she is alone in a green and gray rendering of a vacant mountain highway. A hologram of herself. And the closest resemblance to a savior is an evasive singing tour guide of the netherworld. Now what of Eli? He promised to one day seize her soul and take her down to hell with him. Is this hell?She had been raised with ideals of heaven and eternal life. She had been taught the teachings of Jesus, the Christ. Teachings she held firm to, even in her most trying hours.But where, oh where, is your Jesus now?