Burnout: Your First Ten Steps Amy Imms Author

Burnout: Your First Ten Steps Amy Imms Author
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A practical easy-to-read guide to recognising and overcoming burnout and enjoying life againBurnout leaves people exhausted, overwhelmed, struggling to cope, and desperately searching for a way out. Despite being common, many people avoid acknowledging they’re burnt-out, both to themselves and others.Dr Amy Imms is a medical doctor who helps people overcome burnout, in this book she guides you through identifying whether you are burnt-out, and practical steps to get you on the road to recovery. It’s written for individuals who are burnt-out, but is also helpful for those supporting a loved one, colleague, or patient, struggling with burnout.Clear information, illustrative anecdotes, and practical exercises take you through: What burnout is and how it affects your health. Reflecting on your situation, and clarification of your hopes for a better future. Examining your life to create time for prioritising self-care, focusing on your wellbeing, and getting appropriate medical support. Strengthening your relationships, maintaining your boundaries, and identifying and living in alignment with your values. Learning and experimenting with skills to manage stress promote mental wellbeing, including self-compassion, grounding, mindfulness, and gratitude. Identifying simple changes you can make to optimise sleep rhythms, nutrition, and exercise in a way that benefits your mental wellbeing. This book is all about taking action, and a free accompanying workbook is available online. You won’t be swamped with information and research, but rather will receive evidence-based information to provide the understanding you need to proceed on your journey to recovery.Whether you know you’ve been burnt-out and treading water for decades, or have just started wondering whether you’re burnt-out, this book is for you. Clear and practical evidence-based guidance, in a easy-to-read package.Recovery from burnout is possible, and this is the first step.