By the Sea: A Photographic Voyage Around the Blue Planet Peter Guttman Author

By the Sea: A Photographic Voyage Around the Blue Planet Peter Guttman Author
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Award-winning travel journalist Peter Guttman sets sail and embarks on a rollicking journey across the high seas aboard a colorful variety of craft while exploring dramatic coastal landscapes, exotic maritime cultures, spectacular marine wildlife, mouthwatering seafood treasures, and joyous nautical pastimes. Sailing past the shores of all seven continents, the romantic imagination of every beach lover, sailor, surfer, lighthouse enthusiast, and traveler will be captured during a thrilling circumnavigation that includes:Rugged, rainbow-splashed outports of NewfoundlandVA canoe flotilla of chanting, grass-skirted warriors in remote Irian JayaMailboat cruises threading spectacular Norwegian fjordsLuxuriant sunbathing at an elegant Indian Ocean resortSeaweed-steamed lobster bakes on Maine’s granite coastRush hour in the floating markets of Southeast AsiaA circular dance through every time zone at the North PoleRoasting marshmallows and lighthouse lodgings among the dunes of Cape CodAn icebreaker casts anchor for a rendezvous with a raucous emperor penguin colonyBy the Sea is a dazzling survey of the magical aquatic wonders our planet offers. A definitive testament to the majestic drama and beauty of a diverse maritime world, this visual treasury is perfect for anyone with a love of salt air. Bon voyage!