Cajun Cookbook for Beginners Anna Martin Author

Cajun Cookbook for Beginners Anna Martin Author
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Who doesn’t love the taste of Cajun food? Cajun food is packed full of a hearty and exotic taste, and it is perfect for those who are looking for something different. Cajun cooking has been recognized as one of America’s regional culinary styles and what is perceived as Cajun dishes now adorn menus in many restaurants across the country.If you are unfamiliar with this cuisine, this book will give you insights and learn the basics of Cajun and Creole cooking. It opens with the basics of preparing a Cajun seasoning that you will be using for other recipes. Cajun food is a flexible ethnic symbol, and it is accepted as such to a wide variety of Cajuns. Like crawfish, other foods can be manipulated and interpreted to suit a refined style or an earthy style—or any number of styles. That is exactly what you will learn how to make inside of this book. Throughout the pages of this book, you will learn for yourself how to make some of the most delicious Cajun food you will ever find and with a different flair. With the help of easy and simple to follow recipes, even those with little cooking experience will be able to make this type of food with ease. Cajun cookery has three central aesthetic principles: that foods be strongly or intensely flavored, that they be thoroughly cooked, and that they involve certain combinations of ingredients. Using this book, you will be able to cook recipes that are inspired by these three aesthetic characteristics. Among the topics included here are.Breakfast RecipesAppetizers and Snacks like Beignets and Po’boyMain Dishes like Louisiana Boil, Etouffee, and GumboSide Dishes that will surely compliment your main dishDrinks, dessertsand so much more!Real Cajun food translates to the best ingredients of the area, simply prepared. The flavors are focused, and the food is highly seasoned, though not necessarily spicy. Since the early nineteenth century, Cajuns in Louisiana have been described by non-Cajun observers as sociable, fun-loving people, fond of play, and dancing. Cajuns today describe themselves as sociable, hospitable, and full of joie de vivre. Cajuns claim to have a unique ability to enjoy life and to have a good time. Symbolic forms used to express Cajun identity are often those associated with having a good time: music, dancing, foodways, and festivals. Cajuns sometimes describe Cajun food by referring to certain ingredients, such as crawfish, seafood, game, okra, rice, red pepper, and dark roast coffee. These ingredients are considered Cajun because they are produced locally (or distributed locally, in the case of dark roast coffee) and because Cajuns consume them frequently and in great quantities. However, when asked about the significance of specific ingredients, people often conclude that cooking style is more important than the use of a particular ingredient.All of these and so much more are within the pages of this book. So, what are you waiting for? Click buy now to start discovering and to start cooking the delicious flavors of Cajun Cuisine.