Cajun Low-Carb Jude W. Theriot Author

Cajun Low-Carb Jude W. Theriot Author
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Now lovers of low-carb cooking can have their gumbo and eat it too, thanks to the chef who “was Cajun before Cajun was hot” (Anne Byrn, bestselling author of the Cake Mix Doctor series).Millions of Americans have discovered exactly what Chef Jude W. Theriot found when he tried a diet low in net carbohydrates: that cutting carbs is an effective way to maintain long-term weight loss because the food available on this regimen can be deeply satisfying. Chef Theriot lost more than one hundred pounds eating the recipes he developed for this cookbook.The recipes in this cookbook cover a tremendous range from standard American favorites like pizza, (mock) mashed potatoes, and meatloaf, to classic Cajun dishes including étouffée, shrimp au gratin, and even jambalaya. The seafood recipes cover just about everything that swims, and the sauces and seasoning mixes can elevate just about any dish into a special treat. There are even dessert recipes sure to satisfy the sweet tooth without the sugar. One unique feature of each of Chef Theriot’s cookbooks is the lagniappe, or “a little something extra.” This book includes suggestions for parties, additional uses for recipes, serving suggestions, and more. This book proves that Cajun cooking can be low-carb cooking. Each recipe lists serving size, total carbohydrates per serving (which includes sugar alcohols), net carbohydrates per serving, and calorie count.“Jude Theriot . . . believes it’s possible to enjoy Cajun food without the carbs.” —The Daily Adviser“So delicious are these dishes, you could easily serve them to non-low carbers.” —“Cajun is one of my weaknesses. How nice it is to have a cookbook that embraces my new eating habits.” —