Cambiare Avery Ames Author

Cambiare Avery Ames Author
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Brand: Amy Avery
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Everyone knows the fae are dangerous. Beautiful, capricious creatures, they are as enticing as they are forbidden.When Princess Cirelle’s brother falls deathly ill, there’s only one sure way to save him: a secret bargain with one of the fae folk. The cost? A year of servitude in the mystical faerie realm. Her new faerie master, Ellian, holds secrets even deadlier than his charming smile. As she wraps herself in faerie intrigues, the glittering and blood-soaked Unseelie Court kindles something new—something dark and delicious—within Cirelle, even as it twists Ellian ever more inhuman.Can Cirelle unravel Ellian’s mysteries and survive long enough to return home before she succumbs to the decadent depravity of the fae?