Campagna Amie Gallette Author

Campagna Amie Gallette Author
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Brand: Amie Gallette
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Brielle Rowlands~Sorvino is a respected U.S. doctor, afraid of love. Convinced by a handsome Italian billionaire to marry him, her world is turned upside down when she falls in love as well.Divorcing him, she runs from love, leaves New York City, and joins Medecins Sans Frontieres in Myanmar. Caught in a bombing, she is injured and forced to return to N.Y.C., her love, and her past.Making a compromise with love, she begins a safe and easy relationship with her rescuer from Myanmar, that is then threatened when a mysterious woman’s past, shows Brielle her future and a choice that must be made.A short romance story perfect for a summer afternoon on the beach, this ‘harlequin’ type love story follows one modern woman’s struggles with relationships and love in modern day New York City. The highs and lows of a love story are never more enjoyable to experience as when they are safely observed within a book. :) So sit back and escape for a bit into a exotic glamorized world where love and loss are just a page turn away.~