Camping Cookbook: Campfire Grilling Recipes Louise Davidson Author

Camping Cookbook: Campfire Grilling Recipes Louise Davidson Author
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Camping Food will Never Taste So Good and Be So Easy to Prepare! Maybe it’s the fresh air, the woody scents, or the sounds of birds, rushing streams, and leaves in the wind. Whatever it is, food cooked and eaten outdoors is just supremely delicious and completely magical. You can toss a plain old burger on a campfire grill and it will morph into the most succulent, most flavorful, most chomp-worthy burger you’ve ever had each and every time. This Camping Cookbook is full of delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes that take you off the beaten grill path to all sorts of taste adventures. Here we want to connect you with true outdoor cooking. That means no pots and pans, just straight-up grilling over a fire pit or grill. Find inside: The how to of food preparation for camping trips including food preparation, safety and packing for camping Techniques for cooking over the campfire Camp food hacks Mouth-watering poultry recipes like Chicken Bacon Tootsies Flavorful beef dish such as Flintstone Steak and Lemony Asparagus Easy and colorful pork and lamb meals like the Rosemary Lavender Pork Chops Light quick and easy fish and seafood recipes such as the Ying and Yang Salmon Too good to be true desserts your family will love such as the Deconstructed Peach Cheesecake Camping is a time to relax and connect with friends and family while also reconnecting with nature, so the cooking part should be easy. Popping food on the grill is a great way to get lovely layers of flavor without a lot of fuss, and the scent of such creations wafting through the air just adds a special kind of ambience -especially in the evening around an open fire. The recipes created for this book take the concept of simple outdoor grilling up a notch with simple twists to the average grilled dish. With a little spice and creativity you will be revamping your camp cooking style, and your fellow campers will love you for it. Let’s start cooking delicious meals today! Scroll back up and order your copy today!