Captain Bouncer Smith: I'm Not Done Yet Patrick J. Mansell Author

Captain Bouncer Smith: I'm Not Done Yet Patrick J. Mansell Author
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For the person who thinks the action is over when they receive the gold watch and are sent home with a box full of personal items so they can now head out to the pasture and become irrelevant, Captain Bouncer Smith, I’m Not Done Yet portrays a new way of handling this phase of life. Retirement should be anything but a Tuesday night bridge game and Thursday morning shuffleboard. Retirement is an opportunity to continue checking those boxes on that old bucket list. I’m Not Done Yet is a continuation of the stories of Captain Bouncer Smith’s exciting life as a professional fisherman.Anyone familiar with The Bouncer Smith Chronicles, or Fish On! The Further Chronicles of Captain Bouncer Smith know that this man has had some of the most interesting, exciting, unique adventures imaginable in his 54 years as a charter captain in South Florida, the Bahamas Islands, and several other locations around the world. In his new book Captain Bouncer retells some of those stories with the added feature of pictures that describe what words cannot. Then, in 2021 the great fisherman retired from his illustrious career as a charter captain and began concentrating on something that had been eluding him, the opportunity to fish on other locations for other species never before encountered by him and in a new role - as the angler. He traveled to the Carolina Banks and Murrells inlet, Lake Lanier, far offshore in the Florida Keys, the Everglades, and many other destinations. He has caught striped bass in Georgia’s Lake Lanier, and blue fin tuna 100 miles off the North Carolina coast. He had never caught, or seen caught a barrel fish, so the famous Captain Nick Stanczyk took him thirty miles offshore of Islamorada in the Florida Keys and they filled up the fish box. On various occasions Captain Bouncer met up with his old fishing cronies and they fished, told stories, and chowed down on unimaginable seafood delights.Captain Bouncer did not slow down just because he stopped chartering If anything he sped up. Friends in the sport fishing industry have been waiting for years for the opportunity to invite him along, to drop a line overboard, or to listen to his great tales of fishing adventures he has experienced with some of the greatest names in sport fishing in the world.It has been on amazing adventure that continues. He may have slowed down in his gait, but he has not slowed down one bit when he has a rod in his hands. Captain Bouncer is driven to continue a journey he began nearly seventy years ago. His enthusiasm for fishing continues to burn white hot, or as he says, I’m not done yet!