Car Crashes D. E. Harrison Author

Car Crashes D. E. Harrison Author
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Patrolman Jones goes to an accident on 1st avenue. Arriving he finds eight cars spread all over both lanes of traffic. He watches as a truck rams a car up on the sidewalk and then goes after a stalled car in the north bound lanes. Jones sees no drivers in any of the cars.Jones grabs his shotgun and tries to shoot out the engine of the car trying to ram him; Jones uses his 45 Colt to finally stops it. Jones runs to his car, jumps aside, and his car is rammed out of the intersection.When he and his car are out of the intersection, the attacks stop, and the eight cars stop moving. No one believes what is happening. Jones is made the incident Commander and orders the 4100 block off limits to everyone.Colonel Hill is called for help, “The best I can do is send four fully armed fighters to destroy the entire block. You had better figure at least three-square blocks.”Will the Colonel have a plan to disable every car with electric shock?What can Detective Rage do to help?Have the rouge cars figured out a way to escape from the blockade Jones and the police have set up? What will happen if they get to the freeway?