Cardinal Virtues in Focus Henry Bocala Author

Cardinal Virtues in Focus Henry Bocala Author
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If you could time travel and start life all over again, how would you live it? We all have past regrets, but also lessons learned. Unless we develop good habits, we fall into either excesses or defects. Whether it’s about work, food, relationship, health, sex, or business, we need to make right choices.Classical Greek philosophy and Christian Ethics point to us the tools we need to live a good and righteous life: prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance. These are called cardinal virtues (Latin cardo-hinge) for they serve as the foundation of a good moral life.At a time when moral relativism is the order of the day, when the sense of sin is somehow lost, we need to go back to the basics. This book takes up this task. Deep and engaging, the book illustrates the moral principles with down-to-earth examples, showing the perennial relevance of the cardinal virtues. Beyond that, the book invites the reader to take a moral stand in life.This book is not your typical feel-good, self-help paperback, or collection of chicken soup (cure all) stories. Rather, it offers a blend of moral principles and practical tips, aged-old wisdom that leads the reader to the fundamentals of a virtuous life.