Caregiving for Your Elderly Parents: Real Stories to Help You Care for Your Loved Ones Marky Olson Author

Caregiving for Your Elderly Parents: Real Stories to Help You Care for Your Loved Ones Marky Olson Author
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Caring for elderly parents and loved ones can be a daunting task. You love your parents and are honor-bound to care for them, but it can be a lonely journey when you feel unprepared, overwhelmed and guilt-ridden. Caregiving for Your Elderly Parents is your solution.We have both cared for our parents and we created a resource to help you navigate this very challenging time of life. Our stories reflect our journey and the accompanying emotional challenges. You will learn that you’re not alone, that you absolutely must let the guilt go, move toward acceptance with grace, and, finally, that there are moments of profound beauty in caregiving. Our chapter tips and recommendations will save you anguish and help you plan. These real and completely honest stories will be a compass for your own journey.“For those of us in the baby boom era with elderly parents who have health issues, Caregiving for Your Elderly Parents by Marky Olson and Dauna Easley is the Go To book for both practical and heart felt advice. The sheer honesty of the writing is captivating. You’ll be simultaneously entertained and educated. Janis HeaphyRetired Publisher and PresidentSacramento Bee, Sacramento, CaliforniaI have read countless books about aging, caregiving, and other “senior” issues, but this one is my favorite. Alternately poignant and funny, and completely personal, Caregiving for Your Elderly Parents allows the reader to feel more like a family member. Unlike books written purely for information, this one surrounds the information with a cocoon of humor and hard-won wisdom that feels real. Steve Bogen, CFP®Vice-President, Care-Finders Inc. and Insurance RecoveryDauna Easely, MEd. and Marky Olson, MEd. met during early teaching days in Ohio. Both have been published by Chicken Soup for the Soul, were longtime high school teachers and are currently professional speakers. Each author learned to take care of her parents in and around long marriages, careers, grown children and grandchildren.