Carnivore Diet Cookbook for Beginners Stiven Pown Author

Carnivore Diet Cookbook for Beginners Stiven Pown Author
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Reclaim Your Health with the True Ancestral DietThe Carnivore Diet our bodies were designed to eat, it’s a natural way of eating that’s delicious, effective, and healing! It’s scientifically proven the Carnivore Diet can reduce inflammation, improve sleep, reduce joint pain, improve mental clarity, and help you lose weight.Red meat is most carnivores favorite dish. Ribeyes have superior nutrient density compared to chicken breasts. But if it’s meat it’s ok. So, you can have bacon for breakfast, burgers for lunch, and steak for dinner. Fish is also on the menu. Feel free to eat as much salmon as you’d like.You’ll find a range of mouth-watering dishes that are quick and easy to prepare, but offer amazing taste at the same time, including:Breakfast Poultry Beef Pork & Lamb Fish & Seafood Snacks Salad It tells you: What is Carnivore Diet? What to Eat During a Carnivore Diet? How Much Food Eats During a Carnivore Diet? Foods Avoid During Carnivore Diet Benefits of Carnivore Diet FAQs 30-Day Meal Plan And much more!Inside the book, you’ll find all the information you’ll need on Carnivore Diet, and with this book, you can make your life easier, while cutting down the chances of failure into the bargain!Enjoy!