Casket Girls (Cities of the Dead, #1) Amy Pilkington Author

Casket Girls (Cities of the Dead, #1) Amy Pilkington Author
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In New Orleans, the cemeteries are filled with above-ground tombs that resemble tiny houses. Some people call these cemeteries “cities of the dead.” Casket Girls is the first book in the Cities of the Dead series.The summer of 1728 was a dreary time in the fledgling settlement of New Orleans. The men were lonely and morale was low. Work was at a standstill. If the king wanted a picturesque town that would lure new settlers, he had to find a way to motivate the bachelors. The settlers were excited when they learned that the Le Pelican carried prospective brides, but the new arrivals quickly turn the town upside down. Jacques never believed the stories of vampires in the new world, but he knew there was evil among them. His determination to reveal the truth behind a murder leads to another murder, and the town is torn apart. The casket girls are labeled as vampires and become the target of many. They need a true hero to save them from an angry mob, but do vampires or heroes exist?