Caste, Hindutva And Dalits Ram Puniyani Author

Caste, Hindutva And Dalits Ram Puniyani Author
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Caste has been a major defining characteristic of Indian society. It has its origins in early India and finds mention in Hindu scriptures. There have been efforts by the likes of Gautam Budhha, Kabir, Ambedkar who have challenged and opposed this social system. Despite the change in the patterns of society the caste rigidities have not been done away with till today. This is a system of structural hierarchy which needs to be annihilated. During freedom movement the foundation of an equal society were laid. The freedom of the country gave a big hope that the Indian Constitution and its norms will ensure the eradication of this system, but it persists in newer forms. There have been social streams which have been preserving the graded structure of our society. The book is compilation of essays and articles which highlight the salient features of the caste system, the ideology which aims to preserve it and the struggles which are going on to eradicate the same. The book traces the principles and forms of the campaigns/movements aiming at society with Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.