Catapult Loading System: How To Teach 100-Pound Hitters To Consistently Drive The Ball 300-Feet Joey D Myers Author

Catapult Loading System: How To Teach 100-Pound Hitters To Consistently Drive The Ball 300-Feet Joey D Myers Author
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My son is 12 and I have used some of the teaching of the Hitting Performance Lab are posting on here and my son hit the ball over 280 feet several times already in the game, not just practices, and also hit the fence on the fly on 300 feet field, so what this guy is teaching works, a least for my son…He weighs about 110 now but ,what I have noticed is how consistent his power has become thank you so much for your help, I played 10 years of professional baseball, and I wish I could of used some of this advice. - Sandy Arecena (via unsolicited email)This book is where Bill Nye the Science Guy meets Babe Ruth. Joey Myers uses human movement principles that are validated by science, to hitting a ball. With this system, Joey and literally tens of thousands of coaches across the nation are helping baseball and fastpitch hitters, to consistently double and triple their body-weight in batted ball distance.This edition is the 2017 Amazon best seller with over 11,000 copies SOLD & DOWNLOADED,, has amassed over 100 book reviews (1st & 2nd editions combined) with an average review of 4.2 stars out of 5! At, we’ve helped tens of thousands of coaches build consistent power into their hundreds of thousands of hitters.Look, you can eat tomato soup with a spoon, fork, or knife, but only one of those is more effective. Teaching hitters is the same. There are hundreds of ways to teach it, but there’s one most effective way. What’s that? By applying human movement principles validated by REAL Science to hitting a ball, NOT the inferior teaching model of because-I-said-so bro-science.This Step-by-Step guide shows hitting coaches:Why hitting philosophy fails and principles that are validated by science succeed,Why you shouldn’t make video analysis FIRST priority when modeling elite hitters,What 30+ year coaching experience and pro players won’t tell you, and how the information source you focus on can dramatically cut down your learning curve,How to become a hitting expert when you’ve never played higher than Little League,There’s a BIG advantage to learning how the body actually loads (and it’s not what you’re thinking),A simple method that helped Babe Ruth to consistently crush the ball with some of the heaviest bats ever used,SPECIFIC elite hitters revealing ways to hit high Ball Exit Speeds, swing after swing, using three elements even a 4yo can understand, andAt last, the secret to transitioning grooved batting practice swings into game at-bats is revealed.Swinging smarter by moving better.