Centon PC3-10600 1333MT/S, DDR3 DIMM, 8GB

Centon PC3-10600 1333MT/S, DDR3 DIMM, 8GB
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Brand: Centon
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Get the Centon 8 GB RAM and upgrade your system for faster operation. Featuring DDR3 technology, it offers quick access to recent applications and processes tasks four times faster than normal DDR RAMs. This 8 GB RAM clocks speeds of up to 1333 MT/S for seamless multitasking. Featuring a 240-pin DIMM form factor, this memory module can be used with compatible desktops..Type: RAM Module.This product is manufactured by a certified WBE (women owned business).Clocks a maximum speed of up to 1333 MHz for optimal system performance.CL9 latency for quick operation.240-pin DIMM form factor fits perfectly into systems designed to accept this structure.This product is manufactured by a certified SBE (small business enterprise).8 GB DDR3 RAM is compatible with desktops.Memory Form Factor: DIMM.Warranty: Lifetime.Speed Rating: 1333 MHz.1 x 8 GB RAM module for a good computing performance.Needs 1.5 V for operation.The Centon R1333PC8192 8 GB DDR3 RAM gives your system the power to handle and run multiple applications at the same time.